Half-Life Elite website moved. - Tuesday January 31, 2006 (3:33PM EST)  - SantagausS

Hello the HLE website has moved to a new home hosted at SantagausS.com The URL is now http://santagauss.com/hle/. Please update your bookmarks.

I would like to take a second to update people on what has happened in the very long silence. The HLE team did not make the transition to the source engine due to several factors we did try to start up on it after the HL2DM source code was released. First we did not have enough modeling help, and so we felt the mod would not be able to move fast enough and due to my graduation and now I am looking for a job I did not have enough time to teach myself this skill on top of coding. [LMS]007 is also very busy. From this point on unless some interested modelers were to contact me you can consider this site a legacy support site for HLE as all development has stopped.

We did do some coding and started some map work and so with that I will leave with a rendering of what was to be the new HLE longjump.

Half-Life Elite moves to the source engine. - Friday December 10, 2004 (3:05PM EST)  - SantagausS

The Half-Life Elite team is moving the modification to the source engine it will continue on an accelerated path to bring you the best high skilled and fun game play we can put together. After years on the Half-Life engine we welcome the change which will give us more freedom to develop with more detail and power. This means we will no longer be held back by many of the limitations of the Half-Life engine so we can make a much better game. Half-Life Elite for Half-Life will stop development. It also means we need more help then ever before to advance the modification. So we are looking for help in all areas of modification development, especially talented map makers, modelers, and texture artist.

If you are interested in helping please email SantagausS@gmail.com

News Lost - Saturday December 04, 2004 (5:17PM AST)  - m4trix

HLE still exists, though it has come to my attention that our front page has not been working. Somebody (accidentally) deleted all our news. It's fixed now (although the old news is unrecoverable)