Half-Life Elite is a modification of standard Half-Life Deathmatch with new added features which raise the precision, diversity and competition of the game! The mod features eight modes of play, seven of which are new! Observer functionality has been brought into mod, as well a vote casting system to allow players greater control over the server even with out the rcon password. Thirty custom maps have been included in the mod to give players a fresh taste and a new playing field. Added features like radar, waypoint teammate tracking, and team status have improved the functionality of the deathmatch teamplay featured in seven of the game’s eight modes

        Besides the obvious, there are many smaller changes in the mod that differenciate it with standard Half-Life. Minor weapon changes have been made and a few bugs have been fixed. More client side options are available in the launch menu and there is a brand new “user-friendly” vgui in-game menu for players to cast vote from with out having to memorize any console commands. Weapon binds and the long jump alias have been added to launch menu as well. With these added customizable features and the tweaked autoexec which comes with HLE, players will virtually never have to use the console for anything at all!