Free For All:   Standard HLDM FFA, though some maps contain Op4 weapons. You spawn normally and kill until a time or frag limit is reached.

Teamplay:   Same as FFA, but with teams.

Duel:   Self explanatory. Each player starts full and wins rounds, not frags, by killing the other player. Who ever is not playing is in observer mode, waiting in line for their turn again. If you win, you play the next man until you lose. The game is over when the win-limit is met or timelimit is met. There is however an optional timelimit for each duel to keep them short if necessary.

CTF:   Capture The Flag, each player spawns normally and tries to get the other team's flag and return it to your flag. You must have both flags to score. Flag capture is worth 1 capture point. Flag save is worth 1 save point, and a kill is worth 1 frag. Teamplay is standard, and may consist of more then 2 teams. When the frag limit or time limit is met, game is over.

Tournament:   Players dual for a specified frag or time limit. The winner of that match then plays against the next person waiting, and so on and so forth.

CTP:   Capture The Point. Two or more teams try to possess flags for the longest time possible. To possess a flag, the player runs and touches it. For every second that the flag is in that team's control, they get a point. Also, for every flag that the team controls, their maximum health increases by 10. Players try to hold on to their flags for as long as possible while keeping the opposing team(s) from stealing them. The game continues until a point, frag or timelimit is reached.

Action:   Same as FFA, except that players spawn fully stocked with weapons and longjump

Team Action:   Same as Team FFA, except that players spawn fully stocked with weapons and longjump

LMS:   Last Man Standing. Like Action Mode, but players do not respawn when they die. The last player left alive gets the point. Entities are removed from the map so health and equipment cannot be picked up until everyone respawns.

Team LMS:   Same as LMS, but in a team context.