This mod is designed to be incredibly user friendly. Everything should be self explanatory. In fact, you wont even need to use the console!

In the pre launch menu click on configuration then controls. Go through and set everything up in there.

New buttons you need to know:

"Location"   Bind this and use it to tell all your teammates your current location. Your teammates will be shown a waypoint to your location at the top of there screen with a distance displaced in meters. Your health and HEV will also be shown. Your icon on each other teammate’s radar will also be highlighted.

"Status"   This will produce a message to your teammates with your current life/hev/longjump and weapon status.

"Long Jump"   Bind this to do a one button long jump (for llamas only).

"Command Menu"   This is the menu from which you can cast any vote or change any setting in the server with the rcon.